Hommage - SIDDHARTHA - Hermann Hesse
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"Homage to Hermann Hesse and his Siddhartha"
For more than 60 years - from time to time- i have been reading "Hermann Hesse`s Siddhartha". The novel has a profound influence on my life and work. This "Homage" is my way to say ThankYou Hermann Hesse and Siddhartha. Thank you to be with us. Close to eigthy, my wife Ilse and I went to Varanasi, India, to produce the "Homage to Hermann Hesse and his Siddhartha" with local people at the original locations. Our photographs show how i feel and understand our SIDDHARTHA. As text-fragments we use the original text by Hermann Hesse. the images on this page are taken out of the first of tweleve capters.

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